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CSS Professionalzr v1.1

Posted: August 1 2013

Fireworks CS6 introduced a fantastic feature with the CSS Properties panel. It allows the user to copy an element's attributes as CSS3 to make the build process more efficient. It doesn't produce the cleanest, most professional code, however, so I've written CSS Professionalzr to do it for you.

This latest update has the following changes:

If you've upgraded Fireworks to 12.0.1 you need CSS Professionalzr v1.1, otherwise your gradient angles will be incorrect

Its features (in order)

How to use

Select an object such as a rectangle or text

Version History:

1.1 - Fixed gradient angles & SVG generation after 12.0.1 update. Added support for 8 other SVG angles. Removed legacy syntaxes for border-radius & gradients
1.0 - Fixed incorrect font-size on Win8. Fixed stripping leading zero on rgba opacity
0.9 - Used new syntax for unprefixed gradient property. Removed dropped -ms- gradients. Code cleanup
0.8 - Fixed broken base64 SVG string. Fixed leading space before ;. Indented all but the first line with 1 tab
0.7 - Removed dropped -moz-border-radius & -moz-box-shadow. Stripped leading zero on rgba opacity
0.6 - Fixed Copy Selected for % border-radius (do nothing unless a width/height is selected). Fixed border-color being shortened to -color. Alphabetise font/color properties. Convert font family " to '. Removed occasional empty, leading new line on Mac
0.5 - Added support for text objects. Shortened Arial/Helvetica stack to sans-serif. Shortened background-color to background. Removes space in rgba. Added error handling. Fixed errors when unexpected code is encountered
0.4 - Converted % border-radius to px. Fixed commas in -webkit-gradient
0.3 - Fixed fallback background being null on rgb and a broken rgba string
0.2 - Fixed redundant whitespace on Mac. Code cleanup
0.1 - Initial release