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Math Resize Extension v1.1.6 - Resize Objects With Simple Arithmetic

Posted: April 27 2011

This command allows you to use simple arithmetic to resize objects. It extends John Dunning's excellent Keyboard Resize commands to give you numerical/mathematical control over resizing your selection.

First off, if you haven't already, go download and install John's extension:

Download the Math Resize zip and extract Math Resize.jsf to the same folder as the Keyboard Resize commands (something like C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Fireworks CS5\Configuration\Commands\Keyboard Resize)

Then, I recommend assigning a shortcut to Math Resize. I'm using Ctrl+Shift+R since it's similar to Numeric Transform (Ctrl+Shift+T) and I never use the Export shortcut,

When you run it, a prompt dialog appears where you can enter your commands to resize your current selection.

Here's how you use it:

So, for example, if you wanted to resize the object by increasing the left and right sides by 20px, you'd simply enter: lr20

Similarly, to shrink the top and bottom by 50px, you would enter: tb-50

To do both of the above in one go, chain operations like so: lr20,tb-50

To set a specific width or height, you would enter: w=200,h=300

When using the + or - operators, Width and Height are equivalent to Right and Bottom.

When using the =, *, / and % operators, only Width and Height work.

Using All resizes all four sides at once. So: a100 would increase all sides by 100px

If you don't enter a direction, it operates on the right side (or width for =, *, / and %) of the selection as I generally want to modify the width of objects by default

If you want, you can also go crazy and enter something like: lllll50, which would increase the left size by 250px (5 x 50).

Download Math Resize v1.1.6 command pack